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[J2EE] Is it really possible to implement an asynchronous web service?
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I have been looking over the internet and I haven't find the right way
of doing that within a J2EE web server.

The JAX-WS stacks propose solutions based on, but that is about asynchronous client
invocation (the server is synchronous), its an emulation of
asynchronism, isn't it ? I am talking about an server side ws
asynchronism .
We can code on server side that by launching a new thread and calling
back the client at the end but :
- is is allowed to launch new thread not registered by the server
application's pool ? (should we use JMS here and heavy stuff ??)
- what JAX-WS api tells about that ? what the standard J2EE way of
doing that ?

It seems to me that all that is possible with .NET framework but not
with java yet. Is that correct ?

thanks for info
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