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Spanning Multiple TreeViews And Handling Duplicate Paths

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I am wondering if somebody could help me understand how to span
multiple treeviews?

I have a treeview that currently builds small trees based on arrays of
data strings: /root/child1/child2/child3 ---> [root],[child1],[child2],



so, the result is several trees on the client.

MY PROBELM: is that I need to eliminate duplicate paths in the trees.




should really be:


In the below code the primary loop takes a string with a path:


for (int i = 0; content != null && i < content.Length; i++)

TreeGen(GetValue(content[i].data, TITLE));


and passes it to TreeGen which, in turn, makes it into an array
and then builds it into a tree.

protected void TreeGen(string data)

string[] arr = data.Split('/');

int count = 0;

if (arr[0] == "")
count = 1;

int files = arr.Length - count;

TreeNode root = new TreeNode();
root.ImageUrl = "folder.gif";
root.Text += arr[count] + "&nbsp;(" + files +


TreeNode parent = root;

for (int n = count; n < arr.Length; n++)

if (RecurseNodes(vTreeView.Nodes, arr[n].ToString())
== true)

TreeNode child = new TreeNode();
child.Text = arr[n].ToString();

parent = child;



So, after the above function I have a small tree. After several
iterations, I get several
small trees, many with the same node paths except the final file. I
need a way of
checking paths and adding a node if it doesn't exist. I am trying to
do that with the
RecurseNodes function below (span the tree, if the node doesn't exist,
add it to the
preexisting path or create a new one). I can't seem to get this to
work though, and
would appreciate some help:

private static bool RecurseNodes(TreeNodeCollection Node,
string name)

foreach (TreeNode tn in Node)
if (tn.Text == name)
return true;

RecurseNodes(tn.ChildNodes, name);

return false;

Thank you.
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