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port access to vlan and non-vlan traffic.

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We have a small network that has not been segmented into vlans yet, but we need to start segmenting it to add VoIP phones.

We are also currently using a DHCP server for the PC network, that we would like to use for the VoIP network too.

How can I make sure that -all- devices can reach the DHCP server?

Can I add the new vlan to the dhcp port in the switch, for the new devices to see it.. as well as adding "vlan 1", so the dhcp still sees the PC network?

for example:
interface f0/1
switchport access vlan 1
switchport voice vlan 10
auto qos voip cisco-phone

If not.. can I do it with sub-interfaces?

ie: have f0/1.1 without a vlan in the old network
and f0/1.2 in vlan10 ?

I know I would need to add another IP to the DHCP server in the new network as well..

Thanks in advance!

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