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Which hashing function to use?

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On Nov 17, 12:09 am, January Weiner <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> user923005 <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> > Your post is more topical in news:comp.programming {follow-ups set}.

> Well, it is not. Not 100%. The reason being that I am looking for
> something that is part of the C standard and that is simple to use in C.

The C standard does not contain a hash function. Quite a pity, too.
What hash function you should use will be a function of the

The SDBM and Bernstein are good, simple, fast hashes used to operate
on strings when you need something like a join or lookup and a few
rare collisions are OK.
If you need a much lower chance of collision, then a 64 bit hash like
UMAC is probably what is desired.
If you need 0% chance of collisions, then generate a perfect hash
(obviously, this only works if the inputs are distinct).

> What do you think happens when I ask a question like that in
> comp.programming? Some wise guy will set the Followup-To to comp.lang.c
> , that's what would happen.

Well, he would be a wise guy. True, the group news:comp.programming
is not specifically for algorithm discussion, but it's the closest
thing we've got.

> Finally, the reason is that I am not a
> computer scientist and need, hm, very practical advice. Practical advice
> is something that I always got plenty on comp.lang.c Note that you will
> find a discussion on different hashing algorithms in the FAQ of this group
> -- however, I do not fully understand it (otherwise I would not be asking
> the questions).

The practical advice you get here will be of the same quality as
news:comp.lang.c. Indeed, many of the c.l.c regulars read and post in
both places.

> > I do not think that your problem has an answer yet. It will depend on
> > lots of things.
> > For instance, are the strings a static set that never changes? If so,
> > then a perfect hash is your choice.
> > There are string searching algorithms faster than a hash table (See
> > Sedgewick).

> OK, as I am not a computer scientist, I will try to look it up somewhere.
> Meanwhile, which of that is a part of standard C libraries?

None of them.

> > Do you need to preserve the data (e.g in a key/value pair set on
> > disk)?

> Nope, I would go for DBM or SQL if I needed that.
> > "I need a hash, which should I use?" is such an open question that any
> > simple answer will probably be lacking.

> "I need a hash, which of the ones in the standard C libraries should I use"
> is a more specific question, is it not?

Yes. Unfortunately, the answer is not the one you would like to hear.
I guess that this site might be helpful:

I guess further that if you state your requirements precisely you will
get better answers.
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Paul Hsieh
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On Nov 16, 3:42 pm, January Weiner <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Hello,
> I need to use a hashing function for relatively short strings (roughly
> 16 characters or less). The data that needs to be accessed via hash is
> just a simple int. I just need to look up values in two dimensional
> matrices each time that I encounter a pair of these strings.

There is a google group dedicated to this sort of thing:

Paul Hsieh
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