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PIX 515e and external router NAT problem.

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Have the following setup. internal LAN--PIX--EXTERNAL ROUTER---INTERNET.

inside addresses are private, as are the outside LAN between the pix and the external router.

the external router has a NAT set up for the IP of the PIX's outside interface (private address) to a public address.

There is a server on the internal lan that has the following static set up on the pix.

static(inside, outside) x.x.x.x x.x.x.x netmask

where x.x.x.x is a private address.

if this internal server's IP is mapped to the outside LAN as x.x.x.x (this is what I am assuming) by the PIX, then goes out on to the internet, what public IP will it be allocated? It won't match the NAT rules on the router as it's IP is not the PIX's outside's IP.

cheers for any light that can be shed on this!
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bbiandov bbiandov is offline
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What is the purpose of having PIX in this scenario at all? It couldn't be "security" as the consultant had indicated could it?
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