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Widescreen display and Firefox

Lord Turkey Cough
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"History Fan" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:65382$473adab9$483111ec$(E-Mail Removed)...
>> Some sites/pages may go the other way with text spanning the width,
>> which I find hard to read without resizing the width of the window.

> That too is a nuisance with a widescreen display and some
> I am finding out.

Yes its a pain, most people given the choice will not use lines not
much longer than this. Our field of useful vision is actually
round so it helps to keep stuff withing that region, the width
of that circle of vision is about this wide at a normal viewing distance
so it cuts down on eye movement.
Actually it is probably narrower
this kind of width, which newspapers
tend to use.

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Lord Turkey Cough wrote on [Fri, 16 Nov 2007 02:02:04 GMT]:
> "History Fan" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:d566a$473a2aee$483111ec$(E-Mail Removed)...
>> I recently purchased a 20" widescreen LCD monitor. The resolution I am
>> using is 1680x1050. This monitor is plugged into a desktop computer
>> running Windows XP SP2. DSL connection. Firefox is my default
>> web browser.
>> I have noticed that at several websites the content appears extremely
>> off-center. is a good example. Instead of being
>> centered, all the content is to the left. The remaining 60% of the screen
>> is blank.
>> Is there a setting with Firefox I can tweak to correct this, or is
>> this an issue with certain webpage's coding that is beyond Firefox's
>> control?

> It's because widescreen is crap.
> It has no real merits.
> It is drived from cinemas which have relatively low ceilings, hence
> a 'big picture' has to be wide.
> I think it is a scandelous that it is taking over from a more sensibly
> shaped 4:3
> screen.

You are a fount of bullshit, aren't you.
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On Fri, 16 Nov 2007 02:02:04 GMT, Lord Turkey Cough wrote:
> It's because widescreen is crap.

It's true that some sites/pages are not designed for or as suited to
widescreen. I prefer widescreen to 4:3 format, and it does take some
thinking about how to use and make the most of the screen space, but
preferred the resolution changing of CRTs to LCDs.

> It has no real merits.

Yes it does, but maybe not for gamers or everyone yet.

The bigger the widescreen the more windows can be seen, and a large
widescreen can be used instead of multiple monitors. Widescreen is
good for apps that use columns, multiple panes, palettes, toolbars
etc. like email/news clients or art, photo, imaging apps.

Widescreen is available for desktops, notebooks and tablets.
A 17" widescreen notebook, say as a replacement desktop, has a decent
keyboard. I have a widescreen monitor and widescreen tablet.

> Generally we don't like wide, it hard to read wide text as you lose
> which line you are on, and you brian is not pre-loaded
> with what will be on the next line.

Sure, shorter lines are better than long lines for readability, but
pane/window widths can also play a part in display.

Web sites should think about design and layout for everyone.

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