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The Road Ahead - a look back on

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When Bill Gates wrote his vision of the future back in 1995, titled 'The Road ahead', he made a number of outrageous (at the time) predictions about what the digital world would be like in 2006. How have his predictions held up? We take a look back at the book and see what Gates got right and what he got wrong. Turns out that Bill predicted DRM, pro-gaming, Media Center - although he also got a lot of other stuff wrong. Interestingly, a 300GB Maxtor hard drive would cost $63,000 today according to Gates' numbers!

A thoroughly interesting read for anyone who's interested in what's gone before, and what's to come!

Quote: Bill Gates: "Even if a show is being broadcast live, youíll be able to use your infrared remote control to start, stop, or go to any previous part of the program, at any time. If someone comes to your door, youíll be able to pause the program for as long as you like. Youíll be in absolute control. Except, of course, you wonít be able to forward past part of a live show as itís taking place."

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