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how to best approach a massive list?

Bone Ur
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Well bust mah britches and call me cheeky, on Thu, 08 Nov 2007 02:08:25
GMT John Hosking scribed:

>>>>> But here's one idea I had played with.
>>>>> <table><tr><td>item1</td><td>item2</td><td>item3</td></tr></table>
>>>>> <table>
>>>>> <tr>January</td>
>>>>> <tr><td>1</td><td>8</td><td>15</td><td>22</td><td>29</td></tr>
>>>>> <tr><td>99</td><td>99</td><td>99</td><td>99</td><td>99</td></t
>>>>> r>
>>>>> </table>
>>>>> Multiply that 1000 times and you soon see just how huge of a page
>>>>> that would be. I would not be showing all 12 months, at the most,
>>>>> maybe 6.

> Multiply it 2,645.29 times and you soon wonder why you're doing it.

Hey, math always makes me wonder why I'm doing it...

>>>>> <flame>

> What's this for, to grill a hamburger with? To warm my heart's
> cockles?

'Course. Ya can't go around with cold cockles, can ya?

>>>> Er, 1000 times what you've shown would be 1000 months, not 6. Math
>>>> impaired?
>>> Yes you are apparently.
>>> I was speaking of 1,000 times the data shown, not months.

> which the data shown seems to be for one month...
>> Oh, I see. -Grammar impaired.

> If he's told you once, he's told you: 1,000 times.

It must be the echo...

Bone Ur
Cavemen have formidable pheromones.
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Andy Dingley
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On 8 Nov, 04:12, richard <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> One of my other ideas is to go ahead and the table thing as above but use
> <gasp> iframes.

Poor man's AJAX

Use some JavaScript to set the .src property on the <iframe> and away
you go. Works fine (assuming JS available)

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