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Convert currency formated string back into decimal

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A aspx page Label.Text contains formated currency ("0:C"). To process this
data with the submit button click it needs to be converted to a decimal.

For example:
string strCur = "$111.11"; // Label.Text;
decimal dtotal = decimal.Parse(strCur);

Produces Server Error:
Exception Details: System.FormatException: Input string not in correct format.

I can not seem to find the solution with the help index or the forum posts.

Please help,

Thank you very much,

Greg G
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Martin Honnen
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Greg G wrote:

> string strCur = "$111.11"; // Label.Text;
> strCur.Remove(0,1);

You need
strCur = strCur.Remove(0,1);
as strings are immutable so calling Remove on strCur returns a new
string, it does not change the old one.


Martin Honnen --- MVP XML
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