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Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650

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Intel have another winner on it's hands with the QX9650, a quad core CPU that easily reaches 4Ghz in the overclocking test at Anandtech:

Naturally we wanted to see how much was left on the table with Intel's 45nm process. We can't help but think that had Phenom been out sooner, we'd be seeing a > 3GHz Penryn launch, but how easy would it be for Intel to ramp up clock speeds?

Our unlocked QX9650 had no problems hitting 333MHz x 12.0, for a final clock speed of 4.0GHz. We had to increase the stock voltage of 1.25V up to 1.40V to achieve it, but the overclock required no additional cooling beyond the standard Intel heatsink/fan. At lower voltages, 3.66GHz should be an easy target to reach.
Read the full article here.
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