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How do you cope with work overload?

Bone Ur
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Well bust mah britches and call me cheeky, on Fri, 02 Nov 2007 09:28:41
GMT Brian Cryer scribed:

>>> No, nor would I knowingly use any service that spammed newsgroups
>>> (or individual mailboxes).

>> How about a company that spams you _every day_ with essentially the
>> same come-on? That's what this bogus outfit does.
>> Sure, there's an opt-out link, and I used it. Eureka, the spam
>> stopped - for about 3 weeks. Then it started again, to the same
>> address. Seems like once they get a valid mailbox, they don't let
>> go. To make matters worse, they're a dishonest comnpany selling free
>> shareware software.
>> What would you do about that? They currently list a foreign
>> (physical) address, but there's evidence they started-out (and may
>> easily still reside) in Canada. Yes, I have "junk" filtering on my
>> mail client and have
>> setup automatically deletion of spam, but what _should_ be available
>> is an option to bounce certain addresses/domains back to the
>> originator right on the server. I think that would go a _long_ way
>> in stopping spam.

> I would love to see an automatic reject of some emails. Not a bounce,
> because the sender email address is often forged. However, to block
> emails at the point of delivery so they wouldn't be accepted by your
> email server, that would be good. It is something that some email
> servers allows you to partially do - but only if you manage your own -
> for example Exchange allows emails to unknown email addresses to be
> blocked before they enter the server and likewise emails from specific
> ip addresses can be blocked.
> However, back in the real world, I have a similar issue with some
> organisations. Fortunately they mostly use the same email address and
> I just have them going straight to my junk email folder. Little else I
> can do.

I do about the same using Thunderbird. There is a "delete from server"
option in the filters setup but I think it applies only to messages
retrieved first and left on the server. Anyway, I couldn't get it to
delete from the server without d/ling the mail, too. I also use the
"clear junk on shutdown" option so I never really have to see the damn
crap, but I'd still prefer purging it from the server if it's not wanted.

> Needless to say, the whole issue of spam is one that has vexed lots of
> us for a long time.

Sure. And a large part of the fault rests with the software developers
and related commercial interests for their ignorance and/or complicity.
Spam could be stopped in a month if it was financially worthwhile to do

Bone Ur
Cavemen have formidable pheromones.
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