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XP64 usefull for me?

Charlie Russel - MVP
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yes, you'll always need a swap file.


"Nice Bike" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>I was hoping to get rid of the swapfile altogether with 4GB of RAM in
> the new system I'm going to build. Or is that not possible? Will there
> always be a need for a swapfile?
> On Thu, 1 Nov 2007 09:17:59 -0500, "R. C. White" <(E-Mail Removed)>
> wrote:
>>Hi, Nice Bike.
>>> So you say that putting the swapfile in a partition of it's own will
>>> boost performance? I will try that! I always was under the impression
>>> that putting swapfiles on drivers OTHER then the systemdrive would
>>> boost performance. And with games more so, never put the swapfile on
>>> the same drive as the gamefiles.

>>One of the great ongoing "religious battles". ;^}
>>My opinion: If you have multiple hard drives, put the swap file on a
>>different physical drive - a different spindle. Since a hard drive's
>>are permanently fixed together as a unit, they can't read data from track
>>100 and swap to track 5000 at the same time; the whole "gang" has to move
>>from 100 to 5000 - and then back again to continue reading from 100. But
>>the swap file is on a second HD, then reading from track 100 on HD0 and
>>writing to track 5000 on HD1 can be happening simultaneously. Multiply
>>by a few thousand read/writes an hour and you should see some speed gains.
>>But putting the swap file ANYWHERE on the same HD (the same spindle) as
>>OS is not likely to gain much speed. So it doesn't help to have the swap
>>file is in Drive X: if Drive X: is just another partition on the same
>>physical drive (same spindle, same gang of heads). If you have only a
>>single physical drive, then any speed gain is going to be minimal, no
>>where you put the swap file.
>>I'm no gamer and I'm not sure just how they use the drives, but I would
>>guess that you should try to put the swap file on a physical drive other
>>than the one that has the game's executable files and data - and still
>>separate from the systemdrive.
>>Still one of the best articles on this subject is the one written by MVP
>>Alex Nichol, who died in 2005. The article was written for WinXP, but the
>>ideas apply to Vista, too: Virtual Memory in Windows XP;
>> (While you are there, be sure to
>>explore that website; LOTS of good information there.)


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