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Terrible DVD accident
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I was getting ready to watch a DVD movie. I had just inserted the dvd
in the player when the phone rang. I grabbed the phone and at that
instant I saw my 5 year old daughter fall off the couch next to the
DVD player. When she fell, the cords from the DVD that go to the tv
got caught on her and the DVD player crashed to the floor. There was
a bright flash, some sparks, and then the whole house went dark, which
also disconnected the cordless phone. I dropped the phone, ran to my
daughter who was screaming and crying. I sat her on the couch and
told her I'd be right back. I quickly unplugged the remains of the
DVD player and ran ot the basement to reset the circuit breaker. My
daughter was screaming very loud when I returned to the living room.
That is when I got the shock of a lifetime. When I looked at her, her
eyes were gone. There was blood running out of her eye sockets and
thats when I saw the remaining pieces of her eye balls on the carpet
in a pool of liquid and blood. I quickly rushed her to the hospital
and was told that she will be blind for life. The laser in the DVD
player actually melted her eye balls and there was no way to regain
her vision. That's when I recalled the bright flash of light just
before the sparks and power outage.

Take this as a warning. DVD players are very dangerous. If you must
have one, bolt it to a very solid object in your home, such as to a
stud in the wall. Then place a heavy lead housing over the entire
player just in case it is still destroyed in some manner. Better yet,
so as I did. I have tossed every other DVD player, all DVDs, all CDs,
and all CD players in the house. Even the one in my computer went to
the trash. I will never have another of these dangerous things in my
home. my daughter lost her vision just because I did not heed the
precautions and insisted on watching a movie when I should have been
with my child. I blame myself now, but it's too late.....

Travis P
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Kimba W Lion
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      10-28-2007 Removed) wrote: ..a pile of ****.

The really sad thing is, some asshole is going to turn this into one of
those virus chain letters that idiots at work print out and shove in your
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On Sun, 28 Oct 2007 06:01:41 -0500, (E-Mail Removed) wrote:

>Take this as a warning.

You're an idiot, and a liar, and as transparent as Scotty's clear
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[snip troll]

How did that post get past my troll trap?


Time to stock up on queer bait...

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Kenneth J. Harris
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What DVD was it?

(E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> I was getting ready to watch a DVD movie. I had just inserted the dvd
> in the player when the phone rang.

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Stephen Stewart
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"Kenneth J. Harris" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:lusVi.55$(E-Mail Removed)...
> What DVD was it?
> (E-Mail Removed) wrote:
>> I was getting ready to watch a DVD movie. I had just inserted the dvd
>> in the player when the phone rang.

It had to be "The Ring 3".

Within seven seconds of watching it your DVD player explodes and burns your
eyes out.


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