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How to connect between JMX 1.0 and JMX 1.2

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In a weblogic server we have the following code to send a notification
to an MBean.

public void sendNotification(String id) throws Exception {
mbsc.invoke(objectName, "sendAlarmNotification", null, null);


public void resetNotification(String id)throws Exception{
mbsc.invoke(objectName,"resetAlarmNotification", null, null);

Weblogic uses JMX 1.0.

Problem is to get a reference (mbsc) to the MBean that is located
outside Weblogic server (WLS).

The JMX Agent and the MBean is running in a separate JVM but on the
same host as the WLS.
It uses JMX 1.2 with the Remote API.

Both use jdk 1.4.2.

Any ideas how I can acess the MBeanServer to get a connection to my
JMXAgent and MBean?

In the Weblogic 8.1 docs I found the following:

If your client accesses MBeans that are running in a separate JVM, use
(Interacts with non-WebLogic Server MBeans MBeanServer).

But I cannot find any more hints.



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