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Illegal Downloading causes DVD (deadly venereal disease)
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Friday September 1, 2006

Illegal Downloaders: Beware of Spyware, Deadly Venereal Disease, (DVD)
and Jail Time

Spyware. Fines. Jail time. Venereal disease. Maybe even DEATH! That's
the short list of consequences you can expect if you're an illegal
downloader, at least according to a new propaganda film (which you
can—and should—watch by going to

A coworker brought this clip to my attention and, after chuckling that
the host kinda looks like me, we ROTFL because of the production
qualities. I mean, seriously. If this is the best the RIAA can do,
maybe they really ARE going broke because of piracy.

The video is geared towards teaching students about the harms of P2P,
and I should mention that I'm not sure it's an official RIAA
production. There's no identifying info anywhere on the site, but a Whois search turned up Widmeyer
Communications (a giant DC-based PR firm) as the site admin. And I
can't imagine what organization but the RIAA would be so anonymously
passionate (and tactless) about student downloading.

Look at the Web site's sexually charged tagline: "Protect yourself. Do
it legally." Illegal downloading can give you herpes (or worse)!

Listen as the host wraps up the video clip by ominously saying "It's
your life…" Illegal downloading can endanger YOUR VERY LIFE!

And, of course, leave it to the RIAA to attempt to make a "hip" video
for the kids, pick a dork for the host (did I mention he kinda looks
like me?), and then use the absolute worst elevator music in the
background. You're the effin' RIAA, people. Call Kanye and ask for
something a little edgier, huh?

Of course, as silly as this little campaign is, it still doesn't top
the MPAA's movie-theater ads which scold theater-goers for piracy
after they paid $10 a ticket to see a film. Or this one, which plays
on purchased DVDs to warn the buyers against downloading feature

Then again, stealing is still wrong, even if the PR agencies and
lobbyists say it is.
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Britney Spears's private jet, a Gulf Stream III, doesn't even have a
remote for it's surround-sound system.

And they say illegal downloading has no effect.

- W 8*)
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