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how to use resources in jar

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i have a jar file with 2 reosources, when i use the reosources in jar file it's all ok.
If i import the file jar as library and use it in a new file Prova i recive the following message:

ERRORE: '/home/gianni/workspace/Prova/file:/home/gianni/JfuzzyLogicFML.jar!/net/sourceforge/jFuzzyLogic/fml2fcl.xsl (No such file or directory)'.

i have duplicate path and i don't get resources right....

how can do to work right?

public class Resources {

this is the class that manage resources;

public enum ResourceName{

* name="properties"
private static final String resourceName[] = new String[]{

* name="singleton"
private static Resources singleton;

* @throws Exception
public static Resources getInstance() throws Exception {
if (singleton == null) {
synchronized (Resources.class) {
if (singleton == null) {
singleton = new Resources();
return singleton;

* Constructor
* @throws Exception
private Resources(){
mapResources = new HashMap<ResourceName, File>();

Map<ResourceName, File> mapResources;

public File getResource(ResourceName name){
File file;

file = mapResources.get(name);
if( file == null ){
file = new File( getClass().getResource(resourceName[name.ordinal()]).getPath());
mapResources.put(name, file);

return file;


and here i s where i use it:
public static FIS loadFML(String fmlFilePath, boolean verbose) throws SAXException {
FMLValidator validator = new FMLValidator();

File xml = new File(fmlFilePath);

File fmlSchema = resources.getResource(Resources.ResourceName.fmlSc hema);

File xslt = resources.getResource(Resources.ResourceName.xslt) ;

validator.validate( xml , fmlSchema.getPath());

String fclDefinition = FML2FCLTransformation.transform( xml , xslt);
return createFromString(fclDefinition, verbose);

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