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One Computer failing to pick up wireless signal, versus the other perfect

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I have two computers one is an hp and the other a compaq. The compaq always fails to pick up wireless signals while the HP always displays a long list of routers in the area. I am fairly computer literate, however I have NO knowledge on wireless routing. If they are sitting side by side the HP has a great connection to the AP that we share with our neighbors and the the Compaq shows nothing, or if I step outside the Compaq can connect then the signal slowly dwindles to a disconnect. I have tried the following:

-updating drivers
-Installing an external pci wireless card, versus using the internal on the Compaq
-disableing WZC (windows zero connect) and re-enabling it after that didnt make a difference
-checking all of the advanced configuration properties of both computers to make sure they match up

NOTHING WORKS! Please help! I'm about to throw the Compaq out the window!

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