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Still having multiple master browser issues.

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I've been having this issue for a while now, many members on this site gave
very helpful temporary solutions until i realized the issue is still there
and what exactly is causing well.. only reasonable answer would be
intereference from an outside access point. The problem here is, at certain
times the interference becomes so immense that certain computers cannot
contact one another, so when it comes time to elect a master browser if it
cant contact any other PC its going to elect itself as a master browser. This
issue is causing multiple browsers to be present on the network. I tried to
remedy the issue by stopping the "computer browser" service. However, i
realized that didnt help because if it cant contact other master browser it
will enable the service and elect itself and if i were to disable the service
well the server service depends on it and i just cant abondon file-sharing
.... Any suggestion here? This seems like a dead end. One interesting thing to
note, even though the comptuers might have problems contacting one another,
they never have problems contacting the wireless AP itself, could CTS/RTS
remedy this interference issue which is causing major browser problems in
turn? Thanks, Ihab.
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