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Gigabyte X38-dq6

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HardOCP have a review of the GIGABYTE X38-DQ6 Motherboard, based on the latest Intel X38 chipset:

The Gigabyte X38-DQS, although benchmarked with a very immature BIOS, did not show to “put a whoopin’” on any of the other older boards in our comparison. Faster in some marks, slower in others, none out of line or any with great differences suggesting something is wrong with the board, but certainly none that showed it to be a better product. Overclocking was easily some of the least impressive we have seen out of boards even going back to some of our favorite P965 motherboards. Quite frankly the X38-DQS leaves us flat and unimpressed overall. The board does not feel fully baked and we think there will be a few hardware revisions to this motherboard as well as a whole host of new BIOS to follow. The PCIe Gen.2 bandwidth on the board is very likely before its time and will probably only be shown off by CrossFire configured video cards we will likely see in Q108. By the time the forward looking specifications of this board become useful to the enthusiast, we can very likely count on a solid X48 chipset that will really be for the enthusiast.
Read the full review here.
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