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Confusing Windows 2003 RDP Question

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I have a client at a remote site. They are part of a domain called
domain "1" that is physically located somewhere else. They use a
printer called "printer x". That printer is managed by "server3" in
"domain 1". They connect to a server to use an application via rdp
that sees this networked printer on their domain. The actual printer,
however, is located in their office. When they connect to another
domain's server for a client they do billing for they want to be able
to use that printer as well. But the problem is:

1. that printer is not physically connected to their machine so it
won't be seen as a client printer
2. the printer is networked and shared on another domain.

My question is would it be possible to use that printer when they use
RDP to connect to another server in a different domain? Keep in mind
that on their local machine that printer does come up under printers
as a network printer.

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John Holmes
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nc "contributed" in 24hoursupport.helpdesk:

> I have a c

Yes, your question is confusing. Try asking again, but easier to
understand. Use real names instead of domain "1", "domain 1", the printer,
that printer, etc.

Your mother was an outrageous inmate who paraded herself nude on a large
yacht in the Mediterranean.

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