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IE 7 Slow Load

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Hi there. I am using IE 7 on Windows xp. I have 1gb ram & 428mb free space on a 30gb hard drive.

In the last week IE has taken a long time to load. I'm talking "walk out of the room, wash the dishes, change into your sweatpants & it is still not loaded when you come back" slow.

Once it does load it functions normally provided you keep it open. Try to open another instance of the browser or a new tab & I get the same problem.

I have run a McAfee virus scan, disc cleanup, spybot s&d, & ad aware & none have shown anything unusual. I am running Boinc, but it suspends activity when I return to computer.

Internet connection is fine. I-tunes & Firefox are able to load & browse ok. Any suggestions?


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