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Re: SOAPpy and ArrayOfKeyValue

Alex Ezell
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It's cool when you solve your own problems. It was as simple as this:

def dictToKeyValue(self, mydict):
soap_list = []
for key,value in mydict.items():
inner = {"key":key,"value":value}
return soap_list

It's just a list of dictionaries with the actual words "key" and
"value" as keys in the dictionary. I was making it much harder than it
needed to be.

SOAPpy is smart enough to handle the rest. Thanks SOAPpy!


On 10/9/07, Alex Ezell <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Can anyone offer any assistance as to how to convert a basic python
> dictionary, list, or even tuple into the SOAP type "ArrayOfKeyValue"?
> I am currently using SOAPpy, but would be willing to change to ZSI or
> something else if it made this conversion easier.
> I have tried with the arrayType and structType methods in
> SOAPpy.Types, yet they don't seem to do what I need. I suspect there
> might not be just a single method call, so, I wrote something like
> this:
> def dictToKeyValue(self, mydict):
> soap_list = []
> for key,value in mydict.items():
> inner = []
> inner.append(SOAPpy.stringType(key,'key'))
> inner.append(SOAPpy.stringType(value,'value'))
> soap_list.append(SOAPpy.arrayType(inner))
> print soap_list
> return SOAPpy.arrayType(soap_list)
> As you can see, it's pretty nasty and doesn't do what I need either. I
> have a client that was written in PHP which I am converting. It uses
> this function (which calls the PEAR SOAP library):
> function assocArrayToKeyValue($array) {
> $soap_array = array();
> foreach($array as $key=>$value) {
> $inner = array();
> $inner[] =& new SOAP_Value('key', 'string', $key);
> $inner[] =& new SOAP_Value('value', 'string', $value);
> $soap_array[] =& new SOAP_Value("item",
> "{{$this->wsdl_urn}}KeyValue", $inner);
> }
> return $soap_array;
> }
> Unfortunately, I don't really have a way to see exactly what
> $soap_array is so that I could emulate it in my Python code.
> Any pointers or suggestions are very much appreciated.
> /alex

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