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2948G-L3 config register resets
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I was hoping someone would have some helpful input with a weird
Our 2948 works great while it is connected to the power, it boots
reboots and all the configs are in good order. When the switch is
disconnected from the power and then reconnected the NVRAM is
corrupted and the config register is reset (0x101). The switch
continues to load as if it were the first time it was out of the box.
What worries me is that the config register won't hold after a power
failure. That is, I enable break (0x0) and have it load directly into
the rommon. If I enter a reset command it's fine and loads into the
rommon again, but once I disconnect the power and turn it back on it
loads the flash image and I'm back where I started.

I'm guessing it's some kind of hardware problem. Any suggestions as to
what it is and where I could have it fixed?



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