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Extending One Namespace With Another (ATOM) ?

Andreas M.
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I could not get info for this on irc.freenode/#xml.

I want to extend the ATOM spec with my own namespaced stuff. For this I
need to add both some new attributes to the Atom elements as well as
adding my own elements, both under the root as well as contained in my
own containers.

I do not find any valuable info on this. Any link aprreciated,
explanation welcome. Thanks a lot.

Cheers, Andreas
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Joseph Kesselman
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I presume you mean extending one SCHEMA with another.

Unless the schema is designed for it (some are) you can't insert foreign
elements into it without modifying it (and breaking compatability
thereby). I haven't looked at ATOM so I don't know whether/where it has
hooks to allow this.

You can certainly define a new schema which can contain elements from
the existing one. That's often enough to do what's needed.

Joe Kesselman / Beware the fury of a patient man. -- John Dryden
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