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Secondary Number to CUE Problem

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I'm trying to set up a CME 4.0 / CUE 3.0installation for direct inward
dialing by using the secondary number on their ephone-dns. That way the
client won't have to give up their current extension numbers. However, I
noticed that when a call comes in on the secondary number and is not
answered, there is no link to the users voice-mail box; the system reports
that there is no mailbox associated with that number and dumps the caller to
AA. I used the Primary E.164 setting under the user account to try to work
around the issue - that works - but then I realized they are already using
this for direct transfer to voicemail. Does anyone know of another way to
associate the secondary number with the voice mailbox? Or is there a way to
get around the 15 rule limit for voice translation rules. I'm currently
using a handful (about 6 or 7 ) numbers for DID by using translations but
there would be more that 15 if everyone gets a DID number.

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