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Piotr Kobzda
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Hunter Gratzner wrote:
> On Sep 30, 3:03 pm, "Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe> wrote:
>> (E-Mail Removed) wrote:
>>> gmail hesabı açın benimki (E-Mail Removed)

>> <to the OP, or whoever might understand that language>
>> What does that mean? What language is it?
>> It looks vaguely Polish or Checkoslovakian to my eye,

Certainly not Polish (I'm from Poland).

>> but I am no linguist, and neither of those languages is
>> offered by 'Google translate' to test the theory.

I really don't know why they aren't supported...

> It is Turkish. My Turkish isn't good enough to figure this out. It is
> something like advertising development services or looking for
> developers.

I don't know Turkish at all. But let's see what
<> knows about it:

Without asking a dict. seams to mean "Google e-main"

The meaning of hesabı was not found in our dictionary.

The meaning of açın was not found in our dictionary.

,-ni mine, that which belongs to me.

Maybe another dictionaty?... say

English Turkish
Access Account Erişim Hesabı
calculus of variations değişimler hesabı
Disable Account Hesabı Devre Dışı Bırak
Disable Disable Account Hesabı Devre Dışı Bırak
more there:

so, it likely translates to "account".

English Turkish
expand açındırmak
exploration açınsama
exploratory data analysis açınsayıcı veri çözümlemesi
explore açınsamak
Open 1x Object 1x Nesnesini Açın

hard to guess... maybe: "open", "opened"?...

Well, let's try to combine it all together...

What about the following translation:

"My new Google e-main account is: (E-Mail Removed)"


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