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Hey. Hi~!

I created a beauty salon management program for a small project.
It has a few funtions but centainly necessary.
The 2nd semeter began already. I'm given a new project class
and I decided just to enhance my former program.

While I was making the program,
I comformed to the design procedure which is widely used in practice.
I drew up requirement specifications and drew actor-class diagram, use
case and related diagrams.
And then I extracted candidate classes and drew up data dictionary and
blah blah sequence, class diagrams also.

>From beginning, I was thinking It'd be enough for me to comform to the

early procedure.
But now I wonder and am confused after look over the former
requirement specification.
I think to upgrade a program there will be a scheme or methodology
applied generally over software development field.

To sum up, is there a scheme or methodology to upgrade programs?
If It is, Could you let me know where I can learn it in the internet
or a book?

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Andrew Thompson
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dondora wrote:


Perhaps you would be better seeking the help of a
consultant or help desk, but with 3 exclamation marks
and SHOUTING, I guess you might need to offer them
top dollar.

>Hey. Hi~!

BTW - What does the '~' signify?

Andrew Thompson

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Thanks. I appreciate that.
I just wrote ~ thoughtlessly.

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