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My Anti-Virus Program expired

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Rgr wrote:
> tom wrote:
>> To me AV protection is like insurance. Of course you don't need it
>> when when there's no problem, but once there's a problem it's too
>> late to go looking for it. I'd rather have insurance and not need it
>> than need insurance and not have it. Seems a little silly (denial?)
>> to me to not employ some kind of protection.........especially when
>> free programs are readily available.

> It is silly, and really bad advice to tell people you don't need an AV
> if you're careful. I remember all too well some malware (blaster, for
> instance) that did not require you visit any malicious websites nor
> for you to open an email, nor download any files to get infected.

I've got a friend that moved from a Chicago suburb to small rural Wisconsin
town because he thought the suburbs had too much crime. He bragged he didn't
even lock his back door in his new home........till he came home one day and
found his house cleaned out.

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