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AJAX ConfirmButton OnLoad
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Hi there,

I'm new to the AJAX framework, and trying to find a way to do
something that perhaps is not part of the AJAX framework.

I have a data entry page that keeps allowing a user to enter a batch
detail record to the same batch master.

The user enters the detail record, saves, and then the page reloads to
allow the user to enter the next record. However, when the user
reaches a predefined number of records entered (say 50), the user is
prompted to stop entering records and to close out the batch, as the
batch shouldn't (but may) have more than 50 records.

Basically, what I want to have happen is, after a user enters 50
records, I want to reload the page, but immediately give the user an
option of closing the batch and navigating away from the data entry

Having looked over the AJAX controls, I want something that basically
displays a modal message and allows the user to choose option "X" (in
this case, "Exit Data Entry") or "Y" ("Cancel" would work here, though
something friendlier like "Continue entering batch data") would be
better). The ConfirmButtonExtender seems to sorta do what I want, but
I want to to show on page load, not when a user clicks on a control.

Is there a way to get ConfirmButtonExtender to do this, or is there
perhaps a better AJAX control I should use for this behavior?


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