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Datalist control-hyperlink problem

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I am displaying subcategories in my datalist, and now I have a
bizarre thing happen when I add a new subcategory record in my sql
database, the new subcategory link does not click into the next page.
When clicking the link, nothing happens!:

code to link w/querystrings formatted:
<a href="prov-results1.aspx?county=<
%#Server.UrlEncode(Request.QueryString("county")) & "&subcat=" &
Server.UrlEncode((Eval("SubCategory").ToString())) & "&category=" &
Server.UrlEncode((Eval("Category").ToString())) & "&uregion=" &
Server.UrlEncode((Eval("uregion").ToString()))%>"> <%#

url generated for working link:

a subcat link that i just added, but doesnt work; url generated for
non-working link:

when view sourcing in browser, this link works:
<a href="prov-results1.aspx?
county=Clark&subcat=Maintenance&category=Autos++++ ++++++++++++++++++++

view sourcing in browser, this link does not work:
<a href="prov-results1.aspx?
county=Clark&subcat=Auctions&category=Autos&uregio n=lv">Auctions</a>
....the link that works has spaces/+ signs in it, but I am stripping
spaces with Server.UrlEncode (?????)

mr. ed

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...tried using the hyperlink/navigateurl method. This produced error
"server tag not well


<asp:HyperLink id="HyperLink1" runat="server"

%#Server.UrlEncode(Request.QueryString("county")) &

"&subcat=" & Server.UrlEncode((Eval("SubCategory").ToString())) &
"&category=" &

Server.UrlEncode((Eval("Category").ToString())) & "&uregion=" &

Server.UrlEncode((Eval("uregion").ToString()))%>"> <%#

.... I absolutely need these querystrings in this link.


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