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Trying Something New To Experiment with

Charlie Gordon
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"Gordon Burditt" <(E-Mail Removed)> a écrit dans le message de
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> >Is there anybody still taking bubblesort seriously? Isn't it just a
>>teaching toy?

> It isn't that terrible if the number of items to sort is 3 or fewer.
>>No, I'm told that it predates selection sort and insertion
>>sort... But I still can't imagine how anybody could come up with something
>>like that having serious purposes.

> Bubblesort is a reasonable auxiliary sorting method to use with
> bogosort. Bogosort: You generate all possible orders of the data
> to be sorted, count how many entries are out of sequence for each
> order, then sort (using an auxiliary sorting method) the orders by
> number of entries that are out of sequence, and take the smallest
> one. The purpose of this is to change an algorithm that is n log
> n in CPU time and n in memory to n! log n! in CPU time and n*n! in
> memory. Bogosort is not used much outside of "cost plus" contracts.
> A first-level bogosort uses some other algorithm (e.g. bubblesort)
> as an auxiliary sorting method. An Nth-level (N > 1) bogosort uses a
> (N-1)th level bogosort as an auxiliary sorting method.

What a nice suggestion for our Fortune 500 coder


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