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HP Scanner doesn't start

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My HP ScanJet 3300c, that I finally found a power adapter for (for the
same model), doesn't start. I have checked the plug-in, made sure
everything was set correctly but there doesn't appear to be any power
to the unit, I've installed updates and stuff but it doesn't get
recognized by Windows since there isn't power. I've tried opening the
lid, pressing buttons, what do I have to do to get it to work?

Maybe the unit is broken? It's a couple years old and I bought it at a
flea-market (worked fine though without original cords) and then it
was in storage for awhile since I lost the original cord, I made sure
the adapter was correct as well (12vdc 1.25amperes)

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This is a difficult question to answer without some specifics but if the
drivers are installed (check the device manager to see there are no yellow
!!) and the unit is not working, then it is probably dead. Scanners are not
the best storage items. They are very sensitive to dust, vibration and
humidity..likely that the unit needs repair or replcement. Provide more info
on what it's not doing and drivers used and it might be easier to
troubleshoot the problem if it's not the scanner. Check the easy things like
is it turned on, do you have power to it, is there a lock on the scanner
preventing it from operating, etc.

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