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Lasse Reichstein Nielsen
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Roedy Green <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

> The other option is to provide a classic bitmap interface, rather than
> an EnumSet for my Windows attribute get/setter.

Another option is to encapsulate the data and just provide methods, e.g.,
boolean isArchived()
boolean isReadOnly()
boolean isDirectory()
boolean isHidden()
The fact that these are in some ways stored in a number is an implementation
detail that need not be exposed.

If you really want an enum representing capabilities, you can make
one that works on these:
enum FileCapability {
public boolean isAllowed(RGFile file) {
return file.isAllowed();
// ...
public abstract boolean isAllowed(RGFile file);

You can the build an EnumSet only when you need it for something, using
EnumSet<FileCapability> getCapabilties();
You can cache it in a transient field to avoid recreating.

Lasse Reichstein Nielsen - Removed)
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