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CPU constantly freezes

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hi, i have this computer at home that allways freezes when i play some big games or watch movies and videos on youtube or any other website
and it is not the tempurture problems either because i just had my fans cleaned 2 weeks ago
but maybe is the power fan? or the regular fan that cools down my pentium processor
the power fan is located behind my computer and it is mainly used for cooling the power.

plz help because i'm really worried.
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Your problem could be due to a number of reasons, including high temperatures, a failing power supply, videocard, or even motherboard. It could be a corrupted driver, or a virus / malware too. Can you boot up in safe mode and do some load testing without having the system lock up? I would suggest a defrag load test for safe mode. If you can't even complete a defrag in safe mode, or a malware sweep (due to the computer locking up under load), then this is what I suggest you do, and in this order:

(1) Take the side panel off and run the computer under load, such as playing a video game. Look at the fans while it's running to make sure they are all spinning. Keep your fingers away from the blades! If it doesn't shut down on you, I think you have an overheating problem due to minimal airflow, so check the intake and exhaust ports for obstructions / clogged filters.

(2) If the computer still freezes, then update your drivers by searching for new ones on the Internet. Focus on your videocard driver, then motherboard chipset drivers. Test under load again to see if you found the problem. If it still freezes after this, remove any add-in cards (leave the videocard in place) and repeat the load testing. Still locking up? Continue on to step 3.

(3) Swap out your current power supply with a new, better quality and higher-rated power supply. For non-SLI systems, about 500W should be fine, but get a decent one (figure USD $65-95) like Antec, CoolerMaster, etc. If you are running an SLI system, get at least a 600W power supply, maybe even up to 800W (depends on the power needs of the videocards you have.

If the power supply swap doesn't do it, maybe you don't have a hardware problem - it could be some type of virus or malware that you just can't detect with the limited functionality.

I would now try reformatting and installing a fresh version of your operating system. This is a last-ditch approach, unless you enjoy going through the Windows updates routine. You could lock up during the OS install, so this is a risky last-ditch effort.
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