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Router Power Supply

Mr Linux Guy
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Hello everyone,

I found an (old) 3Com OfficeConnect Remote 812 ADSL Router, but i seem
to have lost the power supply. I couldn't find any pinouts as to what
volatage goes where, and have no clue how to test it for that. All i
know is that it has a -12, +12 and +5 volt power inpute, and theat the
power port looks like a mini-Din 8 port:

___ __
/+ + + \
|+ + + |

Sorry for my bad ASCII art, but the pluses are the places where the
connectors plug in, and there is a notch on the bottm left and bottm
right, as well as in the top center.

Help would be enourmously appreciated.

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Mike Easter
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Mr Linux Guy wrote:

> I found an (old) 3Com OfficeConnect Remote 812 ADSL Router, but i seem
> to have lost the power supply.

Not only has 3com discontinued that item, but the places that used to
sell aftermarket 3com parts such as power adapters have also
discontinued their stocking of such parts.
OfficeConnect Remote 812 Router Power Adapter (DISCONTINUED)(Reference

Oh wait, here's one
301 S Sherman Street
Richardson, Texas 75081
United States
1-972-234-4343 Removed)

Here's another

They're everywhere:
Power Supply Office Connect Remote 812 Router, 3CP5144-PS, $32.00,

Search on 3CP5144-PS

> Help would be enourmously appreciated.

I have no idea why a ps for a 'simple' device would have so many pins.

Mike Easter

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