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Re: Leasing Time Issue

Pedro Simoes
Posts: n/a
Again these five clients aren't releasing the ip, they are unable to
it or receive acknowledgement of a leased ip.
Something else on your network could be providing dhcp. A router that is

dhcp enabled or a rogue dhcp server could be doing it.
So, between yesterday and today you have had your dhcp server service
stopped and you have rebooted 100 clients to test this theory?--And you
checked all 100 machines for alternate configurations?
You might want to post in the windows networking group next.

"fmsmcse" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news(E-Mail Removed)...
> That happens to 5 out of 100 machines and I've checked for alternate

> configs and there's nothing configured.
> The question is, why do these 5 clients only always release they IP?
> "LRM" wrote:
>> "fmsmcse" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>> > Ok, gotcha, but what if I tell you that I stopped the DHCP service

>> > rebooted 5 machines, 2 2k and 3 XP and only one XP got itself an

>> A client will try to renew it's address when it is restarted,
>> when ipconfig /renew is issued or when it reaches 50% of it's lease
>> duration. If it fails during the last it will try again at 87% of the

>> lease
>> duration.
>> > all the other kept their addresses as per the leasing period.

>> This would not be likely. What is most likely occuring is that an
>> alternate
>> cofiguration has been added to the machines that seem to be renewing

>> the DHCP server. I have had to do this in some really trashed

networks to
>> provide addresses for clients while fixing a DHCP server.
>> >
>> > How do you explain all being rebooted and just one doing what you

>> > it's
>> > supposed to do?

>> I can't explain why your clients aren't doing what they are supposed

>> be
>> doing without more information.
>> > Besides, I've not found a clue in the MS documentation regarding

>> > point,
>> > stating the client would release the IP if it can not contact the

>> > server, could you provide it?

>> The client in a restart is requesting a renewal, it is not issuing a
>> release.
>> >Again, I just want help, I'm do not want to get
>> > into a "fight".

>> Check out this site and see if it helps:
>> LRM

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