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<Martin> wrote in message
news(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi
> My desktop running windowsXP, has started behaving badly
> At boot up it just sits at the loading screen and the normally blue
> flashing lines are green

I'm not sure I understand the discription, do you mean the loading
progress bar?
What is the background, the XP splash screen?

> Tried to repair, but in boot menue (f I can't get on the internet to
> do a virus scan,it appears disabled and puts extra rubbish caracters
> into the typed search .

"Get to the internet to do a virus scan"? This implies you may not have
anti-virus software installed but rely on free online scanners?
If that is the case your PC is probably crippled - format reinstall only
and install a full AV application too, but first....
Try and explain exactly what is happening
When you say you "tried to repair", how? from an XP installation disk,
pre-installed recovery console, What exactly are you doing?
What "typed search" were you doing - explain.

> When I do manage to start repair, it gets about 70% through then drops
> out, reboots and starts again, only to drop out and reboot again in a
> never ending loop
> Google searches have found lots of people with the same problem but no
> solutions offered seem to work for me

Obvious stuff now, you are the administrator, are there other users logons?
Are you, or were you receiving error messages - "Invalid Boot.ini" or
"system32/Hal.dll", error codes or registry errors -hive etc.
If any error messages, be precise
Are there any disks in DVD/CD drives - remove them
disconnect externally connected hardware
Have you looked inside the tower and tried reseating RAM sticks,
or removing one RAM module, try booting, then alternate with other.

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