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XML and Strongly typed datasets

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I'm trying to apply techniques I'd normally use to pull data from SQL/Server
to pull XML from SQL/Server, and I'm running into a problem. Here's what
I'm doing:

1. I've built a stored procedure that pulls my data, and renders it into
proper XML. I'm using 'FOR XML AUTO, ELEMENTS', but I'll bet the issues
would occur with EXPLICIT also.
2. Using VS2005, I've added a DataSet item, and have dragged the sProc into
the dataset so I can access it through a TableAdapter.
3. When I fill the DataTable via the TableAdapter, I get a single column
limited to 2033 characters, so I'm not getting the entire XML tree.

Google has a number of posts regarding using OLEDB / Streaming to get the
data from the 2033 character fields, but none of the posts address the use
of strongly typed datasets and TableAdapters, which are what I'm using.

Can this be done? If so, how?


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