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Re: OT: Friday sweetness

Pedro Simoes
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Briscobar <(E-Mail Removed)> said something like

> # Name resolution details: file://c:\temp\178088.htm (11/18/2005
> 9:18:58 AM) # I was just offered the Network Admin gig. Basically, our
> Network Admin (who also performs other functions, like writing custom
> programs and stuff...I won't be taking that over), who's only here 3
> days a week is costing them what it would cost me to do it 5 days a
> week. So, they're going to send me back to school for MS training.
> Some of which I already have, some of which I don't. But for the last
> couple years, I've been shadowing our Network Admin, learning as I go,
> so I've got SOME experience. And it's not like he's going to
> disappear, so I'll still be able to lean on him for advice and help
> when I need it. And the good news is my boss won't be my boss anymore.
> It's definitely a promotion in every sense of the word.
> Abrupt change of plans for this evening: we're goin out drinkin, and
> I'm buyin the first round!


Crawling up the corporate ladder, cool.

Um, there is a pay raise, right?


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