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Hey all, I got a question and hope someone can help me here.

I have a aspx page that reads from a excel sheet logins, and checks
the user login, if its OK, it allow the user to access pages on a /
restrict folder. It almost works, but here's what happens:
I have to place the login.aspx outside the restricted folder in
order for it read the USERNAME from the user browser, otherwise it
returns blank, and I wonder why... (the webserver is IIS5 running on
WIN2000 Server, with Windows Authentication set).
Since the login.aspx is outside the restricted folder, it checks OK
and try to RedirectFromLoginPage(userid, true). But it says file not
found after a while.

Im guessing the problem is when redirecting, since the login page is
outside the restrict folder, it fails. But if I place the login page
inside the folder, I cant get the username.

Anyone knows what I should do/search ? Thanks.

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