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DVD to avi. file best software?

senderila senderila is offline
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I recommend moyea dvd ripper .This software can converter dvd to other video famats.
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On Aug 11, 11:30 am, jangchub <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> On Sat, 11 Aug 2007 02:02:38 -0700, sandy58 <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> >On Aug 10, 1:46 pm, jangchub <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> >> I travel and find my battery lasts longer when I view films without
> >> using the disc, so I'm looking to buy good software which actually
> >> works, makes decent video avi files and isn't a waste of time.

> >> Does anyone know of any?

> >> thanks,
> >> Janchub

> >4.26gb DVD (Surf's Up) converted back to .avi (669,335mb) in 2h20
> >minutes.
> >My PC stats: 3.6ghz
> >2GB RAM
> >Had DVD on HDD & converted from there to temp folder.
> >Used Ahead DVD Ripper (as you have)
> >Maybe you tried to convert from DVD in DVD-rom drive?
> >I did too first off, but with "refusal" error.

> I did try to use the files after I uploaded them to the pc, after I
> ran them through DVD Shrink. The refusal error was that I had not
> selected a source. As I said in another post I just uploaded the
> movies to my hard drive and that way I have no compression and crystal
> clear images that way. There is nothing worse than pixelation from
> compression. I hate it when it happens on the tv using satellite
> compression. I used to be a C-Band person, then it just about went
> away.- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

Your best best is to get BitComet version 0.84 (later versions have
ads on them, which you can sometimes get rid of) and go to a
bittorrent site like Mininova, EZTV or Isohunt. My impression is that
the Gordian Knot or its easier to use AutoGK programs are the best
software to convert DVD mpeg files to XviD format. These two freeware
programs create a data file that has everything but the closed
captions on the original. VLC media player does a fine job playing
back these compressed files, it even has an option so that if you find
a .srt subtitle file for the movie, you can play that with the movie,
very useful with some foreign movies you download that don't come with

Compressing video takes a long time and sometimes the guy doing the
transcoding, who has experience at doing this, flubs it, maybe having
audio out of synch or jumps in the video. Then the transcoded XviD
or .avi file is "nuked" by other downloaders who spot the flaw. This
happens a lot at TV show torrents sites.

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realgeorge39 realgeorge39 is offline
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iWellsoft Video to Zune Converter show your directory Automatically when the conversion has been completed. Support Batch files conversion.Support Set the start position and end position of source file to convert.
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