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impersonate web service process account - ASPNET

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Hello all,
I have a web service in that is trying to call a VB6 com
component. The VB6 app works off active directory. When I make a call
from my web service I get an error like this:

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8004006C): The
currently logged on user cannot be located in the application roles
identified on the NT application server...

>From my web service I setup the web config file to impersonate my

windows account (which is setup in active directory and will work with
the vb6 app). I also have tried my account in directory security in
IIS with anonymous access on and off. I still get the error.
I'm guessing that when my web service calls the vb6 com component it
is doing it as the ASPNET process identity account (which is not setup
in active directory) and fails authentication. I thought that if you
add this line:
<identity impersonate="true" userName="xxx" password="xxxxx" />
to your web config file then the ASPNET account will impersonate it,
but it does not seem to work. Anyone have an understanding of the
process identity account and how to not use it from my web service?
or am I missing one other config? maybe in machine.config??

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