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Setting allocated threads per CPU

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I'm not an programmer so please excuse me if I use the wrong terminology on this.

I have an application running on Windows 2k3 that used to be housed on a dual-CPU machine with hyperthreading. Therefore, the OS 'saw' 4 CPUs. The application doesn't require 4 CPUs, that's just what happend to be in the server we installed the application on. Recently that machine was virtualized and was given only a single CPU in the virtual environment.

After doing this the application running on that machine would crash complaining that it did not have enough MinFreeThreads (I think). Turns out that with the single CPU the system ( was allocating 100 threads.

I then configured the virtual machine to have 2 CPUs. Now the application still crashed and I noticed that the system was allocating 200 threads.

Next I configured the virtual machine to have 4 CPUs. Now the application runs fine and I see that the system has allocated 400 threads. So, it would appear that something somewhere is allocating 100 threads per CPU. For many reasons I don't want to allocate 4 CPUs to this virtual server. Is it possible to configure my system to allocate more threads per CPU, therefore allowing me to configure the virtual machine for a single CPU?
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