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re: mmm-mode, python-mode and doctest-mode?

Edward Loper
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[John J Lee]
> Is it possible to get doctest-mode to work with mmm-mode and python-mode
> nicely so that docstrings containing doctests are editable in
> doctest-mode?

I recently released a new version of doctest-mode [1], and I came across
your email [2] (it was on the first page of google hits for
"doctest-mode"). So I decided to have a go at getting doctest-mode to
play nicely with mmm-mode. The result is available here:

I still consider it alpha code (the version that's available for
download on the official doctest-mode webpage [3] doesn't include the
mmm-mode features), but it works pretty well for me. If you want to
give it a spin, let me know what you think. The following should load
everything you need:

(autoload 'doctest-mode "doctest-mode" "doctest mode" t)
(autoload 'doctest-register-mmm-classes "doctest-mode")
(doctest-register-mmm-classes t t)

It defines 2 classes. Quoting from the docstring for doctest-register-

> `doctest-docstring'
> Used to edit docstrings containing doctest examples in python-
> mode. Docstring submode regions start and end with triple-quoted
> strings (\"\"\"). In order to avoid confusing start-string
> markers and end-string markers, all triple-quote strings in the
> buffer are treated as submode regions (even if they're not
> actually docstrings). Use (C-c % C-d) to insert a new doctest-
> docstring region. When `doctest-execute' (C-c C-c) is called
> inside a doctest-docstring region, it executes just the current
> docstring. The globals for this execution are constructed by
> importing the current buffer's contents in Python.
> `doctest-example'
> Used to edit doctest examples in text-editing modes, such as
> `rst-mode' or `text-mode'. Docstring submode regions start with
> optionally indented prompts (>>>) and end with blank lines. Use
> (C-c % C-e) to insert a new doctest-example region. When
> `doctest-execute' (C-c C-c) is called inside a doctest-example
> region, it executes all examples in the buffer.

Take care,

[1] doctest-mode 0.4 announcement:

[2] email re mmm-mode:

[3] doctest-mode homepage:

[4] doctest-mode walkthrough:

[5] doctest-mode subversion:

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