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bad clusters/sectors on new laptop, chkdsk gets stuck trying to repair

Chris Allen
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On Jul 30, 9:43 pm, (E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> I recently bought a new HP laptop with an extended warrantee.
> In the past few weeks, often I would get the blue screen of death and
> the system will just spontaneously crash and then I have to reboot. I
> ran chkdsk and it says there are errors on the drive (no specifics).
> It then tells me it couldn't repair the problems because the drive was
> locked by other processes. I then entered in the command prompt
> chkdsk /F/R and answered Yes for to authorize CHKDSK to run on reboot.
> When CHKDSK runs on reboot everything is fine until stage 4/5 where I
> get a ton of error messages, all the same
> "the disk does not have enough space to replace bad clusters"
> I then went into windows and noticed I have only 26GB filled with 74GB
> free on a 100GB hard drive. There are no other partitions. So I don't
> understand why I am getting this error.
> I wonder if there is something seriously wrong with the hard disk
> drive.
> I want to avoid sending it in to HP as I don't want to be without a
> laptop for a few weeks.
> Is there anything I can do to fix this problem or diagnose it further.
> Thanks

Steps I'd take:

1. Remove the HDD
This may void your warranty, I'd check before doing this
the reason I'd remove the HDD first is because if the disk really
is failing then the longer it spins the more likely it is to go out
2. Download MemTest86+ boot cd, and boot it.
This will check to see if your memory is okay. Disk corruption
issues are sometimes linked to bad memory. check your memory first
using the computer to rescue your data. If the computer's memory
is shot, do not try to rescue your data with it.
here's the link to MemTest86+
3. If mem is good, then download Knoppix Boot CD
link =
4. get yourself a usb external hdd that is as large as or larger than
the laptops internal HDD
5. Reinstall the HDD, and boot Knoppix CD
Open command prompt, run ddrescue and copy what you can to the new
6. Get a copy of SpinRite by GRC
Note: this program is not free, but is worth the money.
Alternatively you can download ultimate boot cd and check out what
freeware utils it has to check the physical sectors on your disk
7. If SpinRite makes corrections, repeat step 5 on another external
HDD if possible
8. if HDD is messed up, replace it and copy back data from external

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