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a simple JButton and some output text on file. Doesn't work...

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Here's the code for a little program (APPLET). I tried to run it but
when i click on the button to print my thing... well, nothing happens
and then when i check the file there is nothing on it. What to do?

Here's the function:

public void ScrivisuFile(String percorsouno) {

try {
FileOutputStream file = new FileOutputStream(percorsouno);
PrintStream Output = new PrintStream(file);

Output.println("ma tu scrivi?");


catch (IOException e) {
System.out.println("Errore: " + e);

and here is when i actually call the function
************************************************** **

btBut1 = new JButton( "save" );
gbcPanel0.gridx = 0;
gbcPanel0.gridy = 3;
gbcPanel0.gridwidth = 1;
gbcPanel0.gridheight = 1;
gbcPanel0.fill = GridBagConstraints.NONE;
gbcPanel0.weightx = 0;
gbcPanel0.weighty = 0;
gbcPanel0.anchor = GridBagConstraints.EAST;
gbcPanel0.insets = new Insets( 0,2,5,5 );
gbPanel0.setConstraints( btBut1, gbcPanel0 );
btBut1.addActionListener(new ActionListener()
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
pnPanel0.add( btBut1 );


And the strange thing is that when i click on the "save" button the
button itself "freezes" (the background colour changes without getting
back to normal until the curson is set away from the button itself...
Any idea?

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