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Problem with Cisco Router 1700 and 1800

simba simba is offline
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Hello, I have two routers one Cisco1700, and one 1800 (just added to our private WAN). The network already has quite a number of Cisco 1600s and 800s. I configured everything the way I know it, both the serial and ethernet ports. The problem I have is that if I try to ping the router's ethernet port remotely, it does not work, but I can ping and even Telnet the router's serial port! Both of them. After telnetting it, I am able now to ping the ethernet port and even computers in the router's LAN. But the computers in the router's LAN cannot ping any router outside the WAN except their own, likewise computers outside the router's LAN cannot ping the router. What could be the problem?
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hungeduardo hungeduardo is offline
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I would say this is a routing problem, you are able to ping the serial interface because your interfaces are connected directly.
What you can try is using

ip route "Netx hop address/Serial Interface" in each of the routers and then try pinging again
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Slash2007 Slash2007 is offline
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The best way to test what is going on on your network is to type

#debug all

---------- yes

you have to type out "yes"

Then "Enter" X 2
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