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Unwanted Postbacks

Stuart Ferguson
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I currently have a simple 2 page application using AJAX Update panels
and i am having a few problems with the Browser back button.

If i have Page1.aspx with an update panel containing either a LinkButton
or Button control which on the Click Event redirects
to Page2.aspx then the redirection is performed fine...however when i
then click the back button on the browser to return to Page1.aspx
a trip is made back to the server and the Page_Load event of Page1.aspx
is fired.

If i have the same application but use the asp:HyperLink control to do
the redirection from within the UpdatePanel the behaviour is
that when the browser back button is clicked there is no trip back up to
the server. The same is also true if in the first
example Partial Rendering is turned off on the Script Manager.

It may also be worth noting that all my redirections using the
LinkButton and Button controls are done with Response.Redirect and NOT

Has anyone else seen this behavior and if yes are there any ways around


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