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Supressing the ctrl-c and other keys during word automation in automation

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can someone help me and provide me the information on how to supress
default action of the shortcut keys of word during word automation.

I am using C#.Net

I have written a code but it generates a exception "Object Reference
not set
to an instance of a object".

I have posted my code here, can someone take a look at it and help in
understand and help me to get the solution for this

Word._Application app = null;

object c = Word.WdKey.wdKeyC;

object ctrl = Word.WdKey.wdKeyControl;

object mykey = null;


mykey =
word.KeyBindings.Add(Word.WdKeyCategory.wdKeyCateg oryCommand,"DoSomeThing",app.BuildKeyCode(Word.WdK ey.wdKeyControl,
ref c, ref missing, ref missing),ref missing,ref missing);

Here DoSomething is a dummy function

public void DoSomeThing()

It would be great if someone could help me.

My mail id is Removed)

Thanks for the help


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