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Re: sqlite tuples

Carsten Haese
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On Tue, 2007-07-17 at 21:49 +0100, John K Masters wrote:
> I am fairly new to Python and am trying to get to grips with pysqlite2.
> >From what I have read data is returned as a list of tuples when using

> SELECT via connection.cursor. But I have not, despite frantic googling,
> found how to INSERT a list of tuples into a sqlite table. If I convert
> the tuple to a string and concatenate it to the 'INSERT INTO table etc.'
> string then it works, but only if all the tuple values are strings and
> then only if all the table fields are of type TEXT.
> Is it possible to, and if so how can one, insert a list of tuples into a
> sqlite table?

Assuming that each tuple is the same length and goes into the same table
and columns, something like this will do the trick:

sql = "insert into tablename(column1,column2,column3) values(?,?,?)"
cursor.executemany(sql, list_of_tuples)

If you don't know the number of columns at design time, you'll need to
fill the values(...) clause on the fly with the correct number of
question marks, and you'll have to build the list of column names
somehow, too, but the basic idea is the same.


Carsten Haese

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